Unique British Asian greeting cards & gifts!

Jivana Style's exciting new concept to the UK. A fantastic range of cute Asian cartoon characters, contemporary Indian art and handmade Henna inspired greeting cards; original and eye catching, a fusion of cultures resulting in a wonderfully fresh and funky collection.

Check out the groovy Masala Girls, the trendy Desi Boyz and the fabulous Chutney Kidz perfect for traditional Asian, Christian or multi-cultural weddings and anniversaries.

For elegance, choose from the wonderful handmade Mehndi Art Collection or for something more tradtional, choose from the Simply India Collection - great for all occasions!.

All of our products are designed and printed in the UK as we believe in quality, and are serious about design; we care for the environment so we choose to print on recycled card (many on 100% recycled) or on paper made from managed or sustainable forests.

Need a Gift to compliment your card?

Choose from our fabulous Desi Keyrings, Fridge Magnets or Coasters. Or how about Desi style Mug, totally unique, the perfect gift for someone special! Wrap the lot in fantastic Desi Boyz or Masala Girls Gift Wrap and matching tag!

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